Services & Specialties

We consult with our client in nine major areas of their business.

Marketing:  We understand sales are the life blood of any business.  We provide target market evaluation, brand definition, brand development, and strategic market planning services for our clients.  Our hands-on simplified approach enables our clients to better utilize their resources to identify and reach their target market, track and manage leads, and convert sales while balancing resources between print, on-line, word of mouth, and direct marketing strategies.

Cost Reduction:  Reducing costs are the easiest way to improve the profitability and    competitiveness in any industry.   We promote cost reduction through productivity increases and reduction of waste (non-value added activities).  Many businesses are blind to the potential savings available to them and many others do not have the experience or background necessary to initiate change sufficient to capitalize on these opportunities.  We approach our clients with a very simple and systematic method of evaluating productivity and waste.  We provide excellent resources to assist them in retaining the benefits of these initiatives.

Growth Development:  Growth in a business can be healthy if it is managed within the development capacity of the business.   Too rapid growth can prove as damaging to the health of a business as recessive growth.  We recognize sustainable growth as an increase in the revenues of a business coupled with the capacity to manage the increase profitably.  We accomplish this for our clients as we identify the unique growth patterns of their business along with the necessary fixed and variable thresholds that must be addressed in a healthy sustainable growth plan that will allow for an increase in revenue while protecting and improving profitability.

Financial Systems:  Simple and accurate accounting systems provide information critical to the operation and management of a business.  A financial system does not have to be complicated to meet the needs of a business and convey necessary information.  We work with our clients to ensure they are able to account for their business using an Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement. We specialize in simplifying these financial documents to match the business demands of our clients and to allow our clients to adjust and grow their business according to their development plan.

Process Management:  Processes and systems are the infrastructure of a business.  We work with our clients to establish systems that enable themselves and their employees to consistently deliver on the promises of the product or services their business offers.  We excel in simplifying and documenting systems and processes using our exclusive format.   Using this exclusive format our clients are better able provide their employees the skills, tools, and resources they need to consistently be the best within their industry.

Personnel Development:  People are the most import and most fallible element of any business.  Finding, training, and retaining the right people can be very challenging.  We bring a competitive edge to our clients through our “Principal Based Excellence Program.”  We know that correct foundational principles within our employee group yields great results.  We have identified key principles we know to be critical for employees to be successful.  We use the principle based framework to enable our clients to hire, train and manage the people they need.   A strong foundation in these principles yields amazing results for our clients.  

Training:  Sound character and a well rounded skill set are necessary attributes of a happy and successful individual.   The development of these attributes comes through application in real life experiences.  Through our experiences in agriculture, business development, and construction Ember Consulting has identified specific attributes and skills that lead to success.  We train on these skills and attributes through hands on experiences in agriculture and in the outdoors depending on the needs of our clients 

Safety:  Safety is a major aspect of every business and is much more than just ensuring your employees do not injure themselves.  Today’s regulatory environment makes safety as much about compliance as it is about ensuring your employees remain injury free.  We bring extensive safety experience to the table and use this experience to guide our clients in establishing a safety program that will make a safer work place, assist them with regulatory compliance, and assist in determine the balance of safety and productivity at a cost their business can sustain.